Need a place for your pet to stay?  

Providing the best care for your furry family members every day!

Dog Boarding

When it comes to boarding your dogs. Chelsea's Bed & Biscuit will give you peace of mind while your K9 kids stay here.

We offer spacious indoor/outdoor 

kennel runs for dogs.

Fenced in backyard for safe playtime.

Cat Boarding

No need to worry while your Feline kids stay here. Shay is our certified "crazy cat lady"!  Shay will pamper your Kitty with lots of love.  

We offer indoor climate controlled kennels for cats..

Doggie Daycare

Don't want to worry about your Fur Babies when you are at work or an appointment during the day?

Drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening and rest assured that your K9 is safe and taken care of.

Meet our Head Groomer

Laura Walker

It is our pleasure to welcome Laura to Chelsea's Family!

  Laura has been grooming dogs for over 30 years.  She takes pride in getting to know each of her Furry clients so they have the most relaxed and enjoyable experience that they can.  Nothing makes her happier than when she finishes and her clients are over the moon with joy on how good their fur babies look.  Large or small she grooms them all.   

Does your pet need Training?

Look No Further!

Our History, Our Credibility

This is where our identity and integrity are anchored as a company. We venture into this kind of service knowing that we really have good knowledge and skills to share for your gain. We would love to meet your dear dogs and make them the kind of dogs you want them to be.
Kindly stroll over Here  for more information and exciting details.

Types of Training Available

15 Days with Trainer

Our 15 Days with Trainer is our most popular Package and is usually booked at least 60 days in advance. This is where you drop off your Puppy, for 15 days and after the training you pick up a Puppy that has solid obedience outside, off-leash, with distractions!

Beginner Lessons

Want to get started? Then avail this learning series now! It includes one-on-one training with the owner and his or her dog. The owner is guided to build on each command being taught at the lessons. This way, a strong bond is being established between the dog and his or her owner.

Advanced Lessons

Daring to level up? Get advanced training! After the Beginner Lesson, this is where you should progress for more sophisticated training called the Polishing Package. Given that the dog passed all the test requirements and the owner adhered to the instructions provided by the trainer, we will certificate the trainee with AKC CGC Certificate.

Puppy Classes

Much like any other training, the earlier the better. So start off that puppy training right. If you signed up in any other of our programs, then you automatically get this class for FREE.

Therapy Dog Lessons

A friendly, stress-relieving, and therapeutic dog? Yes there is! Through this training, your dog can actually develop the capacity to buffer stress and anxiety that people experience. If you desire your dog to be like such, trust Bulletproof Dog Training to realize your dream. We are qualified to execute all kinds of therapy training. Given that your dog passed the test provided by Therapy Dogs Unlimited, we will issue him or her with a certificate.

In Home Lessons

For dog-owners who find it more convenient to have their dogs trained at home or, for some reasons are unable to leave home, we provide private In-Home Lessons. We are more than willing to make adjustments for you and bring our services to your home instead.